Nytro&Kivanç born in September 2014,

and it take shape as a result of the union of the Nytro and Kivanç Tekstil.

The N&K produces high range fabrics, with noble compositions such as wool, cashmere, alpaca, mohair etc .. And also fabrics with high level of innovation but at a lower price.


Nytro & Kivanç was created with the intention to propose collections aimed at a sophisticated clientele such as designers or important brands , but also with the intention of introducing their products at those retailers with an important distribution and who need an interesting product with a good content of Design and Style.


The Collections are characterized by a meticulous and careful study of the quality with an eye on trends, but always with the intention to propose fabrics that have character, an identity and a precise development of designs and colours.


A particular care is used to engineering the fabrics , the choice of materials to be mixed, the treatment and finishing, which generally are innovative and in some cases the result of the latest technologies.Always, however, intended to produce fabrics with contemporary performances that give a plus of quality and value to the finished product.


With the thrust of Kivanç,  the N&K aims to become a new benchmark in terms of creativity and concreteness to a vast array of clients, among which the most 'important brands of the international panorama.


Nytro & Kivanç is based in Italy and  regarding to his Products can 'count on the enormous wealth of experience from the Prato heritage area in terms of Yarns, Weaving and Finishing Technique.